Semi Framed Glass Railing System with Laminated Clear Toughened Glass

Our Semi Framed Glass Railing System is ideal for anyone who likes the combination of stainless steel posts and glass, but doesn’t require the use of a handrail.

This  System is suitable for a variety of internal and external applications, including but not limited to; balconies, patios, ramps and  privacy screens. It can also be manufactured to use clear, opaque, tinted, toughened or laminated glass.

The above project uses clear laminated toughened glass. Laminated toughened glass is ideal if you have a drop of more than 600mm from the outer edge of where the balustrade is to be fixed. The lamination of the glass means that in the event of damage, the glass will not shatter or splinter into shards, instead the damage will be contained within the panel, thus providing additional safety. Our clear glass option allows for excellent clarity of view, even when sitting. This is because the system does not require the use of a handrail so the top edge of the glass can fade in with its surroundings .

The Semi Framed System also uses JBNFix satin polished stainless steel posts and glass clamps. The posts are custom manufactured to allow for any irregular measurements that are the result of a uneven surface, whilst still maintaining the integrity  of the structure and the consistency of the systems straight lines. These posts sit at optimum intervals so as to limit the number of obtrusions to your view. Glass clamps are fixed to the post to hold the glass panels securely in place and off the floor, meaning a base channel is avoided where waterproofing is a concern.

This system is the epitome of sophistication. It’s beautiful, elegant, modern and charming. A truly gorgeous asset to any property, that is easy to install and maintain.

If you like to discuss our Semi Framed Glass Railing System or receive a quote please contact us. Call us on 01342 719 045  or

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