JBNFix Modular Glass Railing System with 10mm Clear Toughened Glass

Our Modular glass railing system is a true paragon of beauty and strength ideal for internal and external use due to its multifaceted design. It combines satin finished stainless steel posts and clamps with a variety of toughened glass sizes and finishes.

The above picture is of a recent installation and shows just how beautiful our modular systems can be when used with clear toughened glass; it literally glistens as the light touches it and although it is a very modern  design it is soft enough, so as not to detract from the traditional look of the house.

Some may feel apprehensive about choosing a balustrade system that uses posts because they have the impression that they are obtrusive. This could not be further from the truth, at least when it comes to JBNFix systems. The posts we use for our modular  system are nothing short of ingenious and as you have already seen exquisitely finished. Each post is custom manufactured to allow for any irregular measurements that are the result of a uneven surface, whilst still maintaining the integrity  of the structure. The posts sit at optimum intervals, allowing light to pass through the glass panels easily with  limited disruption to your view.

The ingenuity of the system doesn’t stop there! Stainless steel glass clamps are fixed to the post to hold the glass panels securely in place and off the floor, avoiding a base channel when waterproofing is a concern. If for any reason a panel was damaged, the clamps can be loosened and the panel removed and replaced, without having to replace the entire system.

The stainless steel handrail is also very impressive. The above pictures show that the handrail is fixed to the house on both returns with what we call a hidden fixing. This creates a seamless clean finish to the whole modular glass railing system, whilst again helping to support the structure.

The modular system, like all our systems is designed so as it is easy to install. The stainless steel and glass is polished to a high standard before installation and again once installed, where we are carrying out the installation. We recommend that to maintain the appearance of your balustrade, you regularly clean it. We are able to apply self cleaning glass coating to your glass during manufacturing process should you wish us to do so. The application of this coating acts as a water repellent barrier, that helps to protect the glass from dirt particles.

For more information please Call us on 01342 719 045  or  Email:info@jbnfix.co.uk

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