JBNFix F15-Modular Combination

We pride ourselves on the versatility of our products at JBNFix and this is yet another example of how easy it is to create something ideal for you and your needs with a combination of our products.

The combination of our F15 system with our Modular system shown in this example was for a balcony with concrete tiles.


Our F15 system features 15mm clear toughened glass and a straight aluminium bottom channel which does not require vertical posts, thus providing a uninterrupted view. In this particular case, a light weight solution was needed for the return on the flat roof side of the balcony: our “Modular System”.  This system, allows the glass to be fixed to posts with glass clamps, keeping the glass raised off the floor so as to enable the free flow of  water for drainage, without damaging the roof membrane.

For added support the handrail can be fixed to the walls of the property on returns.

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