JBNFix F15 Combination Solution On Sloping Roof

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a solution for your project. A standard system may not cover all your needs. At JBNFix our systems are versatile enough that we can combine them to create something perfect for you without compromising on style or safety. The precision and attention to detail our team invest into your project is with the intention of creating a solution that is easy to install and maintain, and  is right for you and your property’s needs, whether it be for internal or external use.

Our Technical Team have an in depth knowledge and understanding of how every system we sell works and which combinations work the best together.

It all starts with a site visit where they can take precise measurements, decide on the practical requirements you need and discuss in person with you, your personal style and vision.

They then put together a drawing for your consideration. This drawing can be revised as many times as you like until you are happy. Once you are happy you simply return the signed drawing and we start manufacturing your bespoke system.

The example below shows a flat  roof with a straight front and slopping sides ready for installation.

We worked with the Customer to produce:

A safe free standing structure, that accommodated the slopped roof whilst keeping the integrity of the system and insured maximum clarity of their view without the use of posts.

The finished product is awe inspiring. The stainless steel base clamps, handrail and aluminium anodized top fixed channel at the front of the roof, harmonize to produce a pleasing visual combination. The base clamps and channel are strong enough allow the structure to stand freely without the aid of posts. The strength of the structure also means that the tiles on the property did not need to be removed for the handrail to be fixed to the house. The handrail is able to sit snugly over the glass. The 15mm clear toughened glass has been shaped around the slopes to follow the outline of the roof. By using  base clamps to hold the glass in place on the slopes of the roof, more light is able to pass through the structure on both sides, providing a better solution than the continuation of the channel would have, and limiting the amount of shaping the glass  needed on the slopes of the roof.

If you are having difficulties choosing the right balustrade system for your needs or think that you may need something tailor made please contact us.

Call us now on: 01342 719 045. Email:info@jbnfix.co.uk

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