Modular Glass Railings

Our Modular Railing Systems do not require welding; instead, connections are bonded with adhesive. They are supplied ready to install with all posts with base plates and glass clamps pre-fitted. Glass is manufactured to exact design drawings, pre-approved and checked before manufacture.

Glass is 10mm-13.5mm and can be clear, privacy or tinted glass.

Fully tested to comply with standards.

System highlights:

[icon name=”icon-thumbs-up-alt”] Easy to Install
[icon name=”icon-thumbs-up-alt”] Highly adaptable
[icon name=”icon-thumbs-up-alt”] 304 Grade for internal use
[icon name=”icon-thumbs-up-alt”] 316 marine grade for exterior use
[icon name=”icon-thumbs-up-alt”] Unique highly superior 2205 grade “corrosion resistant” guaranteed*
[icon name=”icon-thumbs-up-alt”] Durable Stainless Steel profiles
[icon name=”icon-thumbs-up-alt”] Avoids the use of channels, glass off the floor
[icon name=”icon-thumbs-up-alt”] Ideal for flat roofs

Our Modular railing systems:


Starting from £247 £199+vat per metre**.

Our modular glass balustrade system is highly adaptable, and can be used for horizontal or raked areas such as ramps, stairs or balconies. The modular glass balustrades fully shows the elegant style and quality of our stainless steel components, which, in combination with our glass look stunning!

The system is supplied ready to install complete with all stainless steel fittings pre-assembled and 10mm clear toughened glass panels. Manufacturing only proceeds once all drawings, (prepared by us free of charge), have been approved by our client. Dimensions can be provided to us; or if necessary, we can conduct site surveys.


Semi Framed Glass BalustradesModular Semi-Framed Glass Railing

Price range starting from £215 £175+vat per metre***

JBNFix’s M10F Glass balustrade system do not require a handrail. Glass can be 10mm toughened around patios or deckings where the floor level inside the balcony does not exceed 600mm from the external floor, or 13.5mm laminated toughened when the fall is 600mm and over.

The image on the left also shows our Glass Gate.


Extremely easy to install and made to specific angles.

Make an enquiry:

**based on a 10m balcony kit. ***based on a 10m balcony kit with 10mm clear toughened glass.


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