Frameless Glass Balustrade On Parapet Wall With Lots Of Corners

We cant help but boast about our Frameless glass balustrade systems at JBNFix, as they’re not only easy to install and maintain, but look incredible too.

They don’t require the use of posts or glass clamps, so you can enjoy your view with maximum of clarity.

The strength of the system lies in the size of the glass used and the track into which it is set. It is fully tested for  the use of 15mm toughened glass where a handrail is required and 21.5mm laminated toughened glass where it is not.  The result is a very strong, robust and safe balustrade, provided that it is securely fixed to a strong foundation.

One of our latest projects was the installation of our frameless glass balustrade system with 15mm clear toughened glass and stainless steel handrail  to the top of a parapet wall with lots of corners.

The system has been  designed to be free standing structure, however the handrail has been fixed wall to wall, so as to create a fusion between the balustrade and the property as well as  provide additional support. By top mounting it to the existing parapet wall, the system is able to provide an excellent space saving solution, whilst still providing a strong safety barrier.

The finished look is a very subtle juxtaposition, which contrasts a traditional Victorian style with the Modern, minimalistic  Style favoured today.

If you are looking for something that is modern and minimalistic, but stylish please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us Now on  01342 719 045  Email:


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